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BioCor® corrosion protection films work according to the VCI method. VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. These inhibitors are released within closed packaging and wrap themselves around like an invisible protective cover, that prevents the metal from reacting with air and moisture. After unpacking, the VCI evaporates without leaving any residue. This means that the packed item can be used directly without additional cleaning.

Improved multi-metal protection 

The first corrosion protection from nature

We have further developed the proven formula of BioCor®. The new BioCor® offers even more comprehensive protection against corrosion. In addition to steel, cast iron*, aluminium, aluminium alloys, zinc, lead*, tin and magnesium, the new BioCor® also protects copper, brass, bronze silver, nickel*, titanium* and chrome*.


*Protects only with direct contact
Key Visual Serie 300 Korrosionsschutzfolien

Advantages of BioCor® corrosion protection films

  • VCI on a natural basis
  • Easy to use
  • Sealable
  • High puncture resistance
  • Temperature resistant
  • Transparent for easy viewing of the packed goods
  • Top marks in key automotive tests
  • Safe from an occupational health perspective
  • Free from amines and nitrites
  • Free from substances according to TRGS 615 and TRGS 900
  • No odour
  • Available in various delivery formats
  • Recycable
  • New standards, therefore better availability

The right film for every part

BioCor® corrosion protection films in detail


In addition to the proven classic, BioCor®, there are also more environmentally friendly variants. BioCor® is a high-strength and at the same time thickness-reduced film that reliably withstands large loads. The films of the R-Series contain up to 75% recycled material and thus ensure enormous CO2 savings and a significant improvement in the environmental balance.

Übersicht Produktlinien Serie 300 BioCor Korrosionsschutzfolien

Delivery Options

Most of our BioCor® films are available in the following designs:

  • Flat bags
  • Side gusseted bags
  • Grip seal/zipper bags
  • Shower caps
  • Y-hoods
  • Flat films
  • Tube films
  • Half tube films
  • Film Cuttings
  • Other delivery forms on request

The dimensions of our products in the standard range are based on the common standard container sizes.

We will be happy to advise you individually and help you find the right product for you.

Loading Classes

In the further development of BioCor® corrosion protection films, the focus was on the requirements of our customers. Therefore, we have assigned our new films to load classes to help choose the right packaging solution.

Übersicht Loading Classes Serie 300 BioCor Korrosionsschutzfolien für eine belastungsorientierte Auswahl der passenden Lösung.

Also for electronic

BioCor®- ESD VCI corrosion protection films

BioCor® VCI corrosion protection films - the right film for every part

MetPro BioCor®-ESD with antistatic agent provides genuine multi-metal protection for long transport and storage times as well as for electronic components. This is proven by extensive approvals from the metal and automotive industries as well as relevant tests by the BFSV and IKS. All product recommendations must be validated with regard to their protective compatibility with the customer's metal alloys. Further special solutions and special series as well as detailed product data sheets are available on request.

BioCor ESD Korrosionsschutzfolie. Luftpolsterfolie für elektronische Komponenten

Typical applications

  • Suitable for shipping electronic parts
  • For steering systems and components with electronic components
  • Also for mounted or built-in parts which must not be electrostatically charged by stacking
  • Perfect for mechatronic products


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