Corrosion research

To develop new innovations with attention, which bring us forward and preserve our values. Since the company was founded, MetPro has continued its commitment to research and development. Our highly skilled teams are able to develop corrosion protection products tailored to the specific needs of customers worldwide. Our Business Support Engineers will advise you on packaging techniques and the correct use of products to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

"Innovation is when the market screams "Hurrah"!
(Source: unknown)

Our research focuses on our customers and our environment. All our efforts and all our research serve this goal and we are only satisfied when our customers shout "Hurrah".

"Innovations are harbingers for future living conditions".
(Source: Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeger)

Thanks to our diverse test materials and environments, we can effectively and instantly replicate the actual and most extreme shipping and storage conditions, as well as the protection solution tested prior to actual transportation. Our tests can be tailored to your specific requirements, and we can even use our own metals or customer parts that are shipped. Corrosion tests are provided free of charge to customers and ensure seamless redesign of packaging systems with minimal impact on our customers' production plans.

"Successful innovation is not a coincidence, but a sweaty job".
(Source: Felix Gerg)

With the help of our state-of-the-art laboratory twin-screw extruder and film line, the innovative MetPro process can meet all customer requirements from chemical production to full-scale production. From developing chemical formulations in the lab to extruding formulations into a masterbatch, extruding films and corrosion testing to producing unique vapor corrosion inhibitor masterbatches to the final step of producing the modified product for the customer, MetPro can accelerate the entire 5-step process, all under one roof.

 "Innovation is not an obligation - but survival is not either".
(Source: Prof. Graham Horton)

Health and safety are top priorities for MetPro. Customer satisfaction is achieved by clearly understanding our customers' needs so that we not only comply with industry standards, but also meet our customers' health and safety requirements. We meet TRGS 900, TRGS 615 and many other industry-specific standards. BioCor® is the best proof of this. Contact us and we will advise you individually according to your requirements.


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