BioCor® has stood for reliable corrosion protection on a natural basis since 2014. We have now further developed this proven formulation. The new BioCor® offers even more extensive protection against corrosion. In addition to steel, cast iron, aluminium and aluminium alloys, zinc, lead, tin and magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, silver, nickel, titanium and chrome are now also protected.

At MetPro, we are continuously looking for more environmentally friendly solutions. That's why environmental protection was also a priority in the further development of BioCor®. In addition to our proven classic, BioCor® CF, we have developed BioCor® HP - a high-strength film with reduced thickness. It offers reliable protection even under heavy mechanical stress and at the same time reduces packaging waste. The films of the BioCor® R Series contain up to 75 % recycled material from high-quality post consumer waste, thus ensuring enormous CO2 savings and a significant improvement in the environmental balance.

And there's something else that's new: our BioCor® corrosion protection films are now available in standard formats, resulting in better availability and shorter delivery times.

You can find more information about the Series 300 BioCor® here.

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