Metpro Testimonial

Haver Plastics supply Metpro VCI Packaging products into all the major UK Automotive companies, (including BMW, Nissan, Toyota, and JLR); into UK tier 1 and 2 component suppliers; and into UK engine manufacturers (including Ford, Perkins and Cummins Engines). We also supply VCI bags into aftermarket component packers and export shippers.
When looking for a VCI Supplier whose products could handle the constraints of the global shipping and storage our customers required, we had no hesitation in approaching the MetPro Group, as the largest European VCI Supplier, and the most technically proficient. Metpro’s laboratory in Ireland and PHD accredited Corrosion Scientists have provided excellent support for our customers, enabling them to validate the recommended VCI packaging, prior to use.
Haver Plastics has worked exclusively alongside Metpro for over 20 Years, predominantly with VCI polythene products but also with VCI paper, foams, emitters and liquids, and all the Metpro protection products do exactly as described – they protect metal parts in storage and transit.
Metpro VCI products are the only global VCI suppliers whose products are manufactured from natural ingredients, their VCI is food grade approved, and this means our customers get the most occupationally safe VCI available worldwide.
MetPro offers the full manufacturing product cycle from Concept and Design, through to Extrusion and Converting.

James Marchant
Managing Director
Haver Plastics

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